About Our Show

Spiritually-based, Revolutionary Talk Show

Revtalk  is a spiritually-based, revolutionary talk show, which seeks to be a positive influence on its viewers by highlighting how persons, using Biblical principles, have overcome challenges.  While there are other good local programmes, Revtalk is unique as the show is instructional and promotes good wholesome family values/life and altruism.

Each episode will feature persons who have faced untold adversities and through the grace and compassion of God have been able to turn their lives around and find effective ways to overcome the issues that they face.  We will ensure that the values aired will provide our viewers with the inspiration needed to change lives and enhance their general well being.

NEUFVILLE MANAGEMENT & COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED are the producers of RevTalk. Some of their services include: Public Relations, Event Planning & Management, Artiste Booking & Management, Market Consultancy and Promotions.

Aims & Objectives

  • To highlight successful individuals who seek to uphold and maintain good moral standards
  • To encourage, revitalize dreams, motivate and inspire by sharing the experiences
  • To discuss and respond to issues faced by persons who seek to uphold good moral standards and ethical values
  • To increase faith and hope amidst the turmoil faced daily
  • To encourage mutual respect for self and others
  • To help develop self worth and purpose


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